Top Tips For Cleaning Your Windows

Maid in Essex

With the sunlight streaming through the windows on a warm spring day, your whole house feels bright and airy.  But the same sunlight shows up an entire winters worth of grimy hand prints and dirty marks on your windows.  Having spotlessly clean windows instantly makes your home feel light, bright and shiny.  Here are our top tips for quick, easy and efficient window cleaning.


1. Start by washing your window with a sponge.

Get rid of tough grease and grime by using a solution of washing up liquid in warm soapy water.  Try to keep the suds to a minimum as these will be difficult to clean off .  Using a soft sponge, wipe all over the window and gently loosen any dirt.  Be careful if you choose to use strong window cleaning solutions, as they can damage the surrounding paintwork.

squeegee2. Wipe off the excess water

Using a clean squeegee, starting at the top of the window and work your way down in a reverse-S pattern. Make sure that you regularly wipe the squeegee blade clean with an old rag, to clean off any suds or dirt.  You can buy squeegee’s cheaply and easily from most hardware shops.  If you see any stubborn marks dried on to the window once the water has been removed, give it another going over the the washing up liquid solution and soft sponge.

3. Remove any remaining water from the glass with a damp, wrung-dry chamois. In the same way that a chamois will clean your car to a sparkling finish, it will also leave your windows free from smears.

 4. Wipe round your window frames making sure that you remove dry them off as completely as you can.  Leaving too much water on them could lead to peeling of wood or gloss on traditional frames, or mold or rust on Upvc or metal frames.  Don’t forget to clean them while you are there too – no point having spotless windows in dirty frames.  Again, use soapy water and a soft sponge to clean off any dirty marks on the frames.

window dressing

5. Furnish them with pride!  Don’t let your clean windows and frames down by adorning them with tired, dusty blinds, dirty curtains or grey nets.  Nets can look like new with a good hand wash with a whitening agent and thin curtains can also be washed and rehung without too much fuss.  Heavy lined curtains can be taken to the dry cleaners for a full freshening up without the risk of any shrinkage. If you have slatted blinds take a duster to them and carefully clean between the slats. Whatever you hang at your windows, keep them clean and dust free to make the most of your freshly cleaned windows and frames.

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