Top Tips For Speedy Bathroom Cleaning

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In a hurry? Bathroom looking like a war zone? With the summer holidays nearly here, keeping on top of the housework can seem like an impossible task. Never fear, Maid In Essex is here to help, with some top tips to keep your house clean and sparkly, without spending too much time or energy getting it done.

Your bathroom can take a battering with the kids around all day. Lots of running in and out, plenty of showers, muddy feet on wet floors etc etc. But it’s easy to keep it looking like the peaceful haven it should be, follow these 5 tips for a blissful bathroom experience, every time.

dettol wipes

1. Keep cleaning wipes handy

Nowadays you can get ready to go wipes for every kind of surface. Anti-bacterial wipes, window and mirror wipes, even wipe soaked in bathroom cleaner to make a quick swiff around the bath and sink a 2 minute job. Although not the most economical way to clean up on a permanent basis, these disposable wipes make a 2 minute wipe round a doddle. We particularly like the Dettol bathroom wipes – tough cleaning wipes with all the benefits of Dettol’s germ killing power.

mop and bucket#

2. Keep a mop in the bathroom

Got the paddling pool out? This can make for muddy foot marks every time the kids pop in for a quick wee. Keeping a mop in the bathroom makes for an easy wipe over every time you visit the bathroom. Make sure you keep the mop head clean and bleached to prevent nasty whiffs.

window in bathroom

3. Keep the air fresh

The key to a well ventilated bathroom is, well, ventilation! If you are lucky enough to have a window in the bathroom, keep it open a tad when you can. If the weather gets very warm this summer, a damp bathroom can feel clammy and smell mouldy. Keeping it nicely ventilated keep it fresh and clean.

clean towels

4. Rotate your towels

Unlike the cooler months, when you may feel the need to wrap yourself in a pile of towels when you jump out of the shower, the summer is good for using less. By only putting the bare minimum towels you foresee the family using, you limit the amount of washing. Kids will wipe their hands on anything, and use as many towels as they fancy. Make it easier for them, and easier on you by only popping a couple of bath and hand towels out during the holidays. You may already do this anyway


5. Get everyone involved

In the sweaty weather, all of your family members are more likely to take more showers. Get them involved in helping out with the cleaning. After all, they are already in there! Shower sprays are a great way of giving shower doors a quick clean – simply spray and then hose down with the shower! Easy! Or have them wipe round loo seats or sinks after they have used them – with the disposable wipes of course. Train them all to clean up after themselves; it only takes a minute, but it can save you a whole heap of time in the long run.

Of course, the very best way to keep all the rooms in your house clean during the summer, is to have our Maids come and clean house for you.  We can offer you a weekly cleaning service, call us on 01277 812220 to find out more.

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