Use Your Jars!

Maid in Essex

GH Jar light

How lovely is a summers evening in the garden, with candles in jars to illuminate the space like your very own tealight fireflies.  This little trick is just one great use for your left over empty jars.  Drink a lot of coffee? Eat a lot of jam?  Perfect!  Never throw away an empty jar again.  Our friends at Good Housekeeping have come up with some excellent ideas on how to re-use your recycled glassware.  We’ve picked our favourite ideas here for you:

GH Jar Dessert

1. Desserts in a jar

It’s not just these swish new gastropubs who like to serve courses in jars, you know. Serve this at your next dinner party and your guests will be nothing short of wowed when you place this gorgeous cake dessert in front of them. Click below for the recipe.

gh jar plants2. Garden in a jar

Fill one of your larger jars with some pebbles and soil, plant the seed of your favourite flower, nurture it and watch it grow into an indoor garden display to be proud of! 

GH Jar photos3. Photos in a jar

Once you’ve gathered up a few mason jars of all shapes and sizes, you’re good to go with this simple but effective idea. Insert a few of your favourite photos upside down, turn the jar around and there you have it: the easiest DIY photo frame you ever did see.

gh rope jars4. Make a rope jar

These unique rope containers could be perfect for bathroom storage, and they’re much cheaper than baskets! Click below for a tutorial on how to go about creating them.

GH Jar flowers5. Bouquet in a jar

This DIY hanging flower bouquet is the perfect wedding aisle decor, and only requires a jar, some string, lace, sticky tape and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! Follow the tutorial by clicking below.

Whatever you choose to do with your old pots and jars, remember to recycle them.  Maid In Essex offers cleaning services throughout Essex.  Call us on 01277 812220 or click here to contact us by email.