Washing Baby Clothes – The Do’s And Don’ts

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Taking care of a baby means a lot of cleaning! Not only do you need to clean the baby, the house and find the time for a shower but you also need to clean the baby’s clothes and bedding. Here, we look at the best ways of making sure your little one has safe, fresh and clean clothing and bedding.

Which Detergent And Fabric Softeners To Use
It is important to always use detergents and softeners that are for sensitive baby skin. Non-Bio and hypoallergenic products are easy on the skin and can be purchased in most local grocery stores. Normal detergents and softeners may aggravate the skin of your baby.

Using The Washing Machine For Baby Clothes
Thankfully, most baby clothes are fine being washed in a normal washing machine and it is usually as easy as washing normal clothes. However, it is best to wash them separate from the regular washing. Adult clothes and towels could possible damage delicate baby items. If you have any items that have delicate patterns or details, you could try placing them in a mesh bag before washing for protection.

Hand-washing Baby Clothes
Some items may be best handwashed. The blanket that has been handed down for many generations for example, or delicate fabrics that may be vulnerable to a machine wash. Anything hand knitted is also best hand washed. Use warm water and detergent and follow the instructions on the label.

Whether you are machine or hand washing your baby’s clothes, it is always good to give new items a wash before they are worn. This will remove any dust, chemicals or substances that could be a potential irritant.