What We Love About The Summer Holidays

Maid in Essex

So the 6 weeks holidays are finally here.  It can be very easy to forget exactly what the long break is for when we are stressing about kids, work, holidays and housework.  But this long break is a time to spend with the family, to make the most of the British summer weather (good or bad) and to kick back and relax when we can.  We thought we would take this opportunity to remind us all of what is so great about the summer break. have a read, and feel free to add any comments you may have on your favourite things that make the summer so much fun.

bbq-4768011. The Great British Bar-B-Q

As soon as the sun starts to shine, the men in your house are eager to poke sausages and flip burgers on the outside grill.  A BBQ is a great excuse to have friends over for a party, to let the kids run riot in the garden, and stuff your self silly with meat and pasta salads.  When schools out for summer, you can throw some burgers on the Barbie everyday of the week.  Go as glam as you like and add fancy salads, artisan beers and fizzy wine to your menu and make it a really grown up affair.

24805826...Grandfather and grandchildren making sandcastle2. Day Out At The Beach

Sand in your sandwiches, sandcastles, paddling in the sea and eating fish and chips in the rain are all special parts of a day at the British seaside.  Here in Essex we have some great beaches that are easy to get to and offer plenty to do if the weather takes and turn for the worst. From the beaches of Clacton through to the amusement arcades of Southend, there is something for everyone.  Take the kids, take the grandparents or just take a day to yourself and enjoy!

essex countryside

3. A Day Out In The Countryside

Essex not only offers a wealth of fabulous beaches, we also have some stunning countryside on our doorsteps.  Take a picnic, take a ball and a bat and enjoy long sunny days in the beautiful British countryside.  And if it rains, pop into the cafe and have a cuppa instead.

suitacse4. Actual Holidays

Whether you are staying in the UK or lucky enough to be going abroad, a family holiday and the memories you make while you are there are priceless.  Once you have fretted about the packing, made sure you have your tickets, passports and fancy currency; once you are finally on your way, you can start to relax and exhale.  As busy parents we often don’t get enough time to actually enjoy our family.  Being on holiday means we can reconnect with our loved ones and take some time to catch up and enjoy their company.

dvd5. Lazy Days At Home

If you aren’t going away, and if the weather is not much cop, you can still enjoy just chilling out with the kids.  Play board games, gets the arts and crafts out, get baking or even get a DVD and some popcorn and turn your TV room into a cinema for the day.  Have children round for play dates while you catch up with other parents over coffee and biscuits. The long break is also a good time to undertake some decorating or minor DIY work at home.  Maybe redecorate the kids bedrooms and let them help while they are off school. If the weather isn’t too bad get the paddling pool out or pop up a tent and have sleepovers in it.

The most important part of the summer holidays is making sure that you enjoy spending time with your family. Don’t be stuck indoors dealing with housework, have Maid In Essex come and undertake regular cleans for you.  Call us on 01277 812220 to see how we can help.

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