Why Kids Should Take Household Chores Seriously

Maid in Essex

kid with basket showing mum

Here, at Maid in Essex, there’s nothing we like more than seeing a clean, well-kept home. We don’t complain, but rather take pleasure in the process that’s the scrubbing and polishing that your home needs to look and feel its comfiest.

That’s also why we feel it’s important to teach such pleasures from a young age. Far too often, children tend to view household chores as… well, chores. Tasks that they must do, which are highly unpleasant, and worth dreading for the whole week. But what if that’s not true?

What if those exact household chores could help your child become stronger and more dependable?

A recent Harvard study has found that children who do chores on a regular basis have a higher chance of becoming successful adults, and we think that’s right. Below are some things that we, at Maid in Essex, have noticed over the years, and that may help your child become strong and independent.

1. First of all, household chores encourage independence.

A child who is tasked with, say, mopping the floor will gain a better understanding of what it means to carry out a task. They will have a purpose (e.g. getting the floor clean), which they will then be in charge of achieving. As parents, that’s precisely what we should be aiming for – to teach our children how to embrace their duties, and become efficient problem solvers.

2. Chores encourage a proactive mindset.

Regardless of what your child will end up doing later in life, they will need a proactive mindset that allows them to get down to work, when necessary. According to this Harvard study, that’s exactly what doing chores teaches your children. It’s about the attitude. If, as children, they learn that if they want something done, they’re gonna have to do it themselves, they’ll be more prepared to tackle issues as adults.

3. Household chores teach teamwork.

And as we know, teamwork is at the core of every successful business. See, when someone’s doing all the chores in one house, it’s not healthy for that person or the other inhabitants. Teach your children that they can vacuum, while Mommy does the dishes and Daddy mows the lawn. That way, the chores get done sooner, and each member of the family contributed to this success.

Success is largely about mindset, and by teaching your children to own up to their responsibilities, you help them become better people. Of course, you don’t want to overwork your kids, and even the tidiest of homes may occasionally need some outside help. That’s what our Maid in Essex service aims to provide.

Our domestic cleaners offer thorough and fast cleaning services. Maid in Essex wants what’s best both for you and your family, and we know that sometimes, when life gets busy, you don’t want to waste the little spare time you have with cleaning. That’s why Maid in Essex is ready to come in, get your house looking in tip-top shape, and help you enjoy time with your loved ones.