Winter Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Maid in Essex

There is no denying that Winter is well and truly here, and it is only going to get colder! It can be a hectic time of year to keep your home in order. We tend to spend more time indoors over the colder months, so we need our homes to be fresh and clean. This will not only be beneficial for hygiene reasons but also psychologically. Your surroundings can have a significant impact on your mood.
Here we look at some ways in which you can ensure your home stays fresh, clean and at its Winter best:
De-clutter – You will inevitably accumulate more items over the festive season, and you will definitely need more space. Decluttering not only helps therapeutically but also rids your home of unwanted items that gather dust. The less clutter is in your home, the more welcoming it will be to family and guests. Donate anything that can still be used to local charities or recycle.
Bathroom – Long hot bubble baths and warm showers will be a popular theme in colder months. This can build up grime rapidly for these areas. Ensure you wipe down these areas and unclog drains regularly to avoid this.
Windows – Days are shorter during the Winter and natural sunlight is not something we see a lot of. So, making sure your windows are clean will help maximise daylight into your home during the day. A dirty window can reduce the amount of light coming through.
Condensation – This is one of the most common issues for homes during colder months. Condensation is made when droplets of water settle on cold surfaces such as windows. The kitchen and bathroom are prime places for condensation due to the humidity. Try to reduce moisture in your home by opening a window when steam occurs. Dehumidifiers can help with damp and condensation. Also, avoid drying wet laundry indoors.