Sink Unblocking Techniques

It doesn’t have to take much for a sink to become blocked but it does always feel like a daunting prospect when you are faced with fixing the issue. Kitchen sinks are the most likely to block easily as small pieces of food waste tend to get lodged in the pipes and if fat goes […]

Things To Do On Friday To Make Monday Better

Monday morning is something most of us dread, especially with autumn / winter approaching, the sunny mornings vanish and the chilly dreary weather replaces it, not very motivating! Feeling unprepared and chaotic can make the Monday blues a struggle, and leaving everything until the last minute can ruin your Sunday too which is never good! […]

Preparing For ‘Back To School’

‘Back To School’ is something that excites most parents! But children are not as enthused to see the end of their summer holidays. It is a great idea to prepare yourself and your children for a new academic year by getting some routines in place early. This, along with some ground rules should make for […]

Keeping The Kids Entertained In The Holidays

The summer holidays can be a daunting time for parents. The kids are over excited and keen to get straight to the fun! But how do you keep them occupied for six whole weeks? Here are a few ideas to keep everyone happy without breaking the bank.   Days Out There is often a lot […]

How To Minimise The Smell From Outside Bins In Summer

Let’s face it, wheelie bins and bin bags are never going to smell pleasant, and with the sun shining down it is only going to make it harder to ignore the smell. However, there are a few simple tips that you can follow to make sure the odours are kept to a minimum meaning you […]

How To Prevent Flies – Top Tips

With Spring in full swing and Summer in sight, you may notice an increase in flies and creepy crawlies. The downside of enjoying warmer weather with your windows and doors open is that you tend to invite flies and insects in. Sharing your picnic with these uninvited guests is never appealing! Here we look at […]

How To Get Rid Of Fleas

The Situation Fleas can be a stressful and very unwelcome issue in the home for owners of cats and dogs. Did you know that 95% of fleas live in your carpet and furniture rather than actually on your pet? Fleas can even live in your bed. What a horrible thought! A flea infestation will progress […]

Spring Cleaning

The Situation It seems the years go so fast doesn’t it? Christmas is now a distant memory – or a distant future plan for those who think ahead! Easter is creeping up on us and Spring has sprung! And with this sunny, joyful season comes the urge to spring clean. Most of us, if we […]

Keeping A Clean Home When Owning Pets

The Situation A pet is a wonderful and precious addition to any home. They bring love, laughter and companionship and quickly become part of the family! Maybe your pup likes to snuggle next to you on the sofa of an evening or your cats like to stretch out in front of the fire place. The […]

Cleaning Your Home After The Festive Fun

The Situation It’s a funny time of year January, isn’t it? A new year beginning brings excitement and ambitions and the memories of festive fun are still fresh. However, getting back into the swing of work and day to day life after a relaxing and indulging few weeks can be taxing. There is no doubt […]