How To Recycle Your Rubbish This Christmas

So the big day is finally here, and by now you are most likely to be sat in a room filled with used wrapping paper and empty toy packaging, and you have relatives coming round in less than an hour!  Aargh! Tidying up after the wrapping paper explosion on Christmas morning, is as much a […]

How To Cheat At Christmas Dinner

Eeeek!  The big day is nearly upon us!  Most of us will by now, have everything we need ordered, delivered, wrapped and hidden away but the biggest shopping challenge of all has yet to take place!  The hellish and harrowing Christmas Eve debacle that is the Christmas Lunch Shop is only days away and can […]

Make Your Own Incredible Edible Christmas Gifts

Tis the season to get baking, cooking, and making delicious treats to give as unique gifts to your friends and family.  Help spread the cost of Christmas  this year, and give gifts that people will adore.  They will be completely unique and having been made with love. Homemade gifts are nothing new, but with finances […]

Keep Warm For Less This Winter!

With Christmas coming up, this time of year can feel hard on the pocket.  The cold weather doesn’t help! With sky high energy prices, and falling temperatures, paying to keep warm is a priority.  But are there ways to help to keep the costs down? Award winning money-saving blogger and “Skint Dad” Ricky Willis shared […]

Oops! A Guide To Removing Red Wine Stains

So you are all ready for a good night out – wearing your best dress, expensive shoes and going to a posh Christmas do!  And what happens, you have a little to much to drink, get busy on the dance floor and before you know it your beautiful dress has a nasty red wine stain […]

Shabby Chic Your Home For Christmas

Over the festive period we open our houses to friends and family to share the Christmas cheer.  Beautifully decorated Christmas trees, sumptiously wrapped presents and home made tasty treats all add to the wonderful vintage feel of Christmas. But if you are thinking of giving your home a little spruce up, in time for guests, […]

10 Things Your Never Knew About Fireworks Night!

Remember, remember the 5th November!  It’s bonfire night again, and we are looking forward to getting outside with the children to enjoy our local Firework display.  We hope you are too. While you are wrapped up warm and toasty, enjoying the atmosphere and waiting for the display to start, amaze your friends and family with […]

How To Clean Rust

  Rust stains are among the hardest to remove, but getting your metal work looking shiny and new can be really rewarding and give it a new lease of life.  There are numerous different rust cleaning methods, but some work better than others. Below, we have selected the most popular ones. For rust stains on clothing  try […]

Top Ten Money Saving Tips For Keeping Your House Warm

As the chill starts to set in, most of us are starting to think about putting our heating on.  But with ever increasing energy bills, in this weeks blog we are going to look at low-tech, easy solutions for keeping your house as warm as possible for a minimal cost. 1. Keep Your Radiators Clear […]

Winter Is Here! Minimize Cold And Flu Germs At Home

This time of year, germs are everywhere – even in the cleanest of homes.  Winter will usually always bring a bout of colds and flu to your home, and with kids at school and parents out at the workplace it can be almost possible to avoid.  But, with a little bit of care and consideration […]