Christmas Tree Trends 2015

It’s December this week, and time to start thinking about getting the tree up again.  Do you go out a grab a fresh nordic pine every year?  Or perhaps you have an artificial tree stored away in the loft that comes out year after year?  Is this year the time to invest in a new […]

Giving A Bit Back, The Maid In Essex Way

With Christmas not too far away, it’s the time of year to think of goodwill and gifting, sharing and caring for those less fortunate than ourselves.  Actually, any time of year is a good time to give a little bit back.  Maid In Essex is a long established family business based in Brentwood, in Essex. […]

Keep Safe This Bonfire Night

With November nearly upon us, our thoughts turn to bonfires, sparklers and a nice cup of something hot.  It’s great to get out and enjoy the fireworks on Bonfire Night, but it’s important to keep you and your family safe and well out of harms way while you enjoy the displays.  If you are going […]

Easy Autumn One Pot Meals

It’s getting chilly out and it’s time to snuggle down and get cosy.  One of our favourite things to do when the weather turns cold is to get cooking.  Lovely warm soups and hot puddings are a great way to warm up when you get home from work or school and are easy to make enough […]

How To Bring The Autumn Into Your Home

Nobody can deny that the sumptuous rich colours of Autumn are by far the most stunning of all Mother Nature’s colour schemes.  Rich warm brown and delicious deep reds, join forces to create a beautiful vista for all to see. But before the leaves fall from the trees, and the more desolate hue’s of winter take […]

“Hiring A Cleaner Saved My Life!”

So many of our wonderful clients tell us that hiring one of our cleaners has made an enormous change to the quality of their lives.  Alright, so they probably have never literally saved them from an oncoming freight train or anything quite as dramatic, but they certainly have given them a new found freedom. Imagine […]

What’s On In Essex This September

With the kids back at school, normal life has resumed.  For many of us, that means back to work all week too.  As a working parent, or even one that isn’t, the weekends are an important time to spend with your offspring, friends and other family members.  The weather turns chillier this month, but that’s […]

Get Your House In Order Now The Kids Are Back At School

Finally, the holidays are over and the children are back at school. Perhaps you are back to work full time too?  Or maybe you have the luxury of being able to spend the school hours keeping house and enjoying time to yourself?  However much or little spare time you have now they are back at […]

5 Top Tips for Choosing a Maid Service This September

Need a cleaner? Read our refresher of the top things to consider when looking for the service that you really want: If life is getting too hectic and endless amounts of laundry, hoovering, polishing and cleaning is getting on top of you, it might be time to think about hiring a cleaner. If it’s the […]

Quick And Easy Kids Room Projects For This Weekend

It’s Friday, its the summer holidays and we think it’s a good time to get a little DIY done.  By now the children have probably settled into a routine of spending more time at home and are happy to watch a little more TV, while you get busy with a paint brush.  There are loads […]